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Capture this amazing moment in your lives together, from the excitement of the life growing inside you to the celebration of the beautiful baby you brought into the world. Both mom and baby deserve to be celebrated, deserve to have this fleeting moment preserved forever.


Newborn Posed Sessions

These sessions are by far my favorite and most requested. Baby is clothed or wrapped in gorgeous soft fabrics and shot in beautiful light. Every details is captured, from eyelashes to toes. These photos are best done between 5 and 14 days after birth. I take all posed photos in my home studio in San Jose. This photo opportunity is not to be missed!



Full disclosure... I never got maternity photos taken when I was pregnant. What a mistake I made! I had the feeling that maternity photos weren't necessary. It's about the baby. But no! It's about the mom too! This is a joint adventure, and those nine months of hard work, love, and commitment to that new tiny life inside you are something worth celebrating. I didn't love being pregnant, but I loved those tiny baby kicks and feeling my round belly knowing I was growing my family right there in my body. Embrace it. Feel that love for your body and the miracle inside you. And capture it. Now, while you can. Maternity photos are best done 30-34 weeks gestation but can be done at any time. Contact me now to schedule your outdoor or in studio session.



I am truly humbled to be a part of my client's birth experience. It is the most amazing thing to witness a life coming into the world. This is the moment where dreams become reality. It's also a sensitive moment. My goal is to document it and stay out of the way. Every birth story begins with a thorough consultation with mom to make sure hers and her baby's needs are met, to make sure all expectations are expressed. I promise you, these are moments you will want to capture!


Fresh 48

This session happens at your birthing location within the first 48 hours of baby's life. All the details are captured right there at your hospital or birthing center. This will also be your first photos as a family. I am also happy to come when other relatives visit and meet baby for the first time. I typically do some photos in color and some in black and white. This session is a great way to make sure you will never forget even those first moments when you became a family.


Newborn Lifestyle

This session takes place right in your home. Many families prefer to capture baby in their own environment with gorgeous natural light. A lifestyle session is a great way to get photos of the family together as well as capturing all the details of the family in their home during this special time.





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