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Choosing Your Outfits for a Family Photo in a Newborn Posed Session

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

So you had the cutest baby ever, and now you are supposed to squeeze into a new or old outfit to get some family photos at your newborn session. But what to wear? First of all, be comfortable. That's the most important thing. Feel good wearing something you like. If it violates all of what I'm about to say, then ignore me and wear it. But if you have a few options or plan to go out and find something ahead of time, her are some thoughts to consider.

It depends a little on what type of look you are going for in your photos. Some of my families want an image that translates beautifully to a classic black and white image. For this I ask everyone to wear black that has little or no markings on it. Inside out black shirts to avoid logos is completely okay. It looks better when your blouse or shirt has short sleeves so we can see a bit more of your arms holding that beautiful baby.

Another option is a more muted neutral tone family photo in front of a grey or soft mauve backdrop. This photo is done in color. It has more of a traditional look. Choose neutral colors or pastels. Something with texture like lace or ruffles works well. No logos. They will date your image and make it less timeless.

A final option is a backlit photo. The light comes from behind to outline your face. This looks good with soft gentle smiles and interaction between family members. I recommend light colors with few to no patterns. The lighter the colors the better. Your dark shirt will stand out too much in a backlit image. Colors should remain light and soft.

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