Covid-19 Precautions

The safety of my clients is incredibly important to me, as is the safety of my own family. For that reason, I have worked hard to create a safe space for my indoor studio sessions. When you have a session scheduled with me, expect to see my COVID form the night before. This is a safety check to make sure you have not recently traveled or exhibited any symptoms. I ask that you fill it out and submit your responses prior to the session.

All props and materials will be sanitized for baby's safety. I recommend you wear shoes that are easy to remove, as shoes are not allowed on any backdrops or props. All of the surfaces are sanitized after sessions as well. My equipment and hands are cleaned prior to sessions, hand sanitizer is used often, and I always wear a mask. I kindly ask that all adults wear a mask while in the studio unless they are actively being photographed. I also request that you arrange for older siblings to leave once sibling and family photos are completed. My restroom is located inside my home with my family. It is available for your use, but I ask that you remember to use the restroom before you leave home to minimize bathroom visits.

In addition to thoroughly cleaning my studio, I do my best to practice healthy behaviors in my personal life, limiting exposure, having groceries delivered when possible. I'm the person who often cleans all packaging with Clorox wipes and leaves the non-perishables to sit for a few days. I am fully vaccinated. I make a point to get other vaccines as well, to keep myself safe for my tiniest clients. If you have any questions, please ask. I'm always happy to answer questions about baby and family safety!



I'm always interested in new blog ideas that would help you prepare and feel more comfortable at your newborn session. Please let me know if you have any questions that I can help to answer!

-- M o r e --
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