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Time to Prepare for your Newborn Lifestyle Session

Do I have to clean the whole house?

Heck no! The last thing you want to do after you have a baby is rush around and make your house look perfect. But you can do a few things to make it photo ready! First, clean the nursery if there is one. Sure, baby may never have entered into it, but usually it's pretty clean anyway, and you went to all the trouble to decorate it, so let's get some gorgeous photos in there. Next, clean the space around your bed, in particular your nightstands. Get out a nice clean solid colored bedspread too. It will look better if the background is less busy. We may also want to get a few images near your couch and by some windows. Please be open to letting me adjust some items the day of.

What do I wear?

I can bring a few dresses for mom. Dads look great in a solid colored shirt. Of course I have baby covered too. But if you want baby in a nice clean white onesie, that can look great too. Any older siblings? I can bring a dress for your girls if you let me know. It's best if everyone is in nice light solid colors. Please let me know if you want to share your clothes with me ahead of time to get some ideas.

How old should baby be?

Lifestyle images are great because you can get them really any time! Though if you want baby to be calm and sleepy in photos, it is best to do it around 2 weeks old. You are likely to get more variety if baby is tiny and spends some time asleep.

What else should I remember?

Often clients wish to have a special item included in their images, a special blanket that grandma made, or an item from the hospital. Please keep those out and available. Plan for your session to last about 2 hours. I will take a few minutes to set my lighting and figure out the best locations in your house for my images, and then we will get to work! Try to have baby fed before I get there unless you are hoping for breastfeeding photos. Please let me know ahead of time if your house is hard to get to or if there is anything I should know about parking.

Let me know if you have any other questions!




I'm always interested in new blog ideas that would help you prepare and feel more comfortable at your newborn session. Please let me know if you have any questions that I can help to answer!

-- M o r e --
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