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How to prepare for your San Jose Newborn Photo Session!

Baby's here! Now what?

Having a newborn is overwhelming for sure! So let's make sure the newborn session runs smoothly and is full of gorgeous images! The good news is I promise to make it easy. Just bring your baby and their food source. That's pretty much it! Let me explain...

I have everything!


I have your props, headbands, outfits, backdrops, etc. right here!

I have it all! My studio has hundreds if not thousands of props and outfits for baby and moms and big sisters. I have clients tell me the night before the session that they plan to run out to Target the morning of the session for last minute outfits. NO! That's way too much work for you! Your only job is to get baby and their food source to the studio. I have dresses for mom. I have some outfits for siblings. I have even a few things for dad (though they typically prefer to where their own thing). Please don't stress yourself out with a last minute purchase of anything.

But what is your San Jose newborn photo studio like?

It's warm and cozy! My studio always has the white noise machine going and it is warm, 80 degrees for baby's comfort. Many shots involve a baby that isn't wrapped much or at all, and a warm studio helps protect a baby that can not yet regulate their own temperature. We want baby to be warm, so please dress in cool clothes so you don't get too warm as well. Baby will likely sleep like a... baby in this warm space.

I typically have several set ups laid out to capture baby. There is a table where I get shots of baby on fabric. Baby is always kept very safe at all times. I may occasionally ask you to watch baby while I grab my light, my camera, or an additional prop, but for the most part, I work fast while baby is sleepy to maximize the shots we get.

Diapers, wipes, snacks, drinks. You may want to bring your own, but I have you covered there too. I have a coffee/drink bar with refreshments and snacks as well as a changing station with anything baby might need. My studio truly has everything you need to be comfortable during your session.

But what if baby is really fussy?

Babies are each wonderful and unique, but they all run by the same basic needs: food, comfort, and sleep. You bring the food. I will keep baby comfortable and lull them to sleep to get our great shots. It's best if they don't have any doctor's appointments the day of so there are no vaccinations or other extra stimuli that might make it an "off"day for them. I will do my best to soothe your baby and keep them happy.

My sessions are also 2-3 hours for a reason. I follow baby's lead. We take breaks when baby needs to eat or receive comfort. Many babies who eat right before they arrive never need a break, but I leave plenty of time available just in case they need 1 or several breaks. Rest assured that babies needs come first!

I am excited to meet your family! Please let me know if you have any questions at all!




I'm always interested in new blog ideas that would help you prepare and feel more comfortable at your newborn session. Please let me know if you have any questions that I can help to answer!

-- M o r e --
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