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Newborn Family Photos: What to wear?

So you had the cutest baby ever, and now you are supposed to squeeze into a new or old outfit to get some family photos at your newborn session. But what to wear? First of all, be comfortable. That's the most important thing. Feel good wearing something you like. If it violates all of what I'm about to say, then ignore me and wear it. But if you have a few options or plan to go out and find something ahead of time, her are some thoughts to consider.

Background matters. If you like a nice clean white or light beige background, lighter colored clothing will make your skin and features pop! You want to be the contrast in the image. Similarly, if you like a dark gray, mocha, or black background, you should dress in darker solid colors to let your skin and features stand out.

What is the best bet? I love nice soft beige, muted tones of grey, or just plain white. Logos date your images, so I recommend you stay away from prints and logos as much as possible. Textures like lace and ruffles can add a bit of elegance to your photos. You want your colors to be complementary but not perfectly matching. If you have any questions, you can always send me a photo of the clothing, and I'm happy to assist in your decisions.

I'm excited to take your family's first studio photo!




I'm always interested in new blog ideas that would help you prepare and feel more comfortable at your newborn session. Please let me know if you have any questions that I can help to answer!

-- M o r e --
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