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Sitter Sessions: How to make the most of your 6, 9, or 12 month baby photos

You've got a great photographer and a super cute baby. Now what? I'm here to help you prepare for this session and make it a success! I know it can be so nerve wracking to make sure everything goes smoothly when you really want great photos of your baby. Let me help!

Here are the keys to great sitter photos of your baby.

Tip #1 - Don't try to make baby smile.

Wait what? Don't make baby smile? Okay, not exactly. No one knows your baby and what makes them smile better than you. I have heard it all. The craziest things make babies smile for sure. But the key to great photos is getting baby to look at the camera and connect with the lens. So you can make baby smile, but it's even better if you can help me make baby smile at me. So play peekaboo right behind my head. tickle me with a feather duster. Teach me their favorite song and take turns with me singing it. Look at me and be silly or interact with me so that they follow your gaze. And, if it's possible, step back and see if baby will play with me a bit and interact with me and let just the two of us play a little. Often I use a combination of all of these.

The moral of this story is take breaks, get quiet, and give me a chance to do my thing. I promise, I will let you know if I need help. Be there for baby cuddles and reassurance. I will do my best to handle the rest!

Tip #2 - Bring a well rested, well fed, content baby.

This sort of speaks for itself. We are on baby's schedule. I will try to be as flexible as I can. I want to accommodate baby's needs. So bring them fed and happy. If they had a vaccination that day or they have a cold, let's reschedule. It is in everyone's best interest if baby is ready to be happy and play!

Tip #3 - Think ahead

When my kids were little, I always seemed to freeze when I was trying to remember what it was that makes them laugh and smile. Favorite song? Suddenly I couldn't remember. Toy? I don't know. That phrase or that thing I do that always makes them giggle? I would remember it later that night after the photos were done. Take a moment right now, and think of what toys, songs, games, phrases, gestures you use that always seem to get baby happy and smiling.

Tip #4 - Schedule your session based on what you are hoping capture

A 6 month sitter session can be done at exactly 6 months, but many families choose to wait until baby can sit unsupported to get the most variety from their session. Others do a few supported shots at exactly 6 months to capture that time and then do another session at 9 months to capture baby sitting unsupported at that time.

What about 1st birthday photos? Some parents want to use them for birthday invitations, thank you cards, or photos to use on their baby's birthday. These families must plan in advance. I have done sessions on baby's actual birthday as well. It is such a treat to be part of baby's special day! Other families just want a cake smash session some time around baby's first birthday. I have had these done as early as 11 months and as late as 16 months to make sure they got a special cake smash session for their little one.

Consider what you want to capture and what you will use the photos for to determine the best date to take them.

Tip #5 - Have fun!

I know these photos are important. They are important to me too! I want you and baby to have beautiful memories. But I want it to be fun and stress free too! So tell me ahead if you have any worries. I hope to relieve them. Come in ready to have fun, and I will work my magic to capture amazing photos that you will love!

Let's go capture some memories!

You are all set! Let's make some magic. If you have not yet done so, contact me to book your session today!




I'm always interested in new blog ideas that would help you prepare and feel more comfortable at your newborn session. Please let me know if you have any questions that I can help to answer!

-- M o r e --
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